Why Choose Crown Restrooms?

Fresh and clean temporary restrooms should be the NORM, not the exception.

Crown Restrooms was founded on the idea of providing the kind of clean, hygienic, and sanitary temporary restrooms that any man, woman or child is not afraid to enter.

Since our goal is to provide intensive, thorough and unsurpassed service to our customers, each and every one of our service drivers are trained by Crown’s White Towel Checklist specifications. From our basic restroom at a construction site to our flushing units at a backyard wedding, all receive the same attention to detail.

Crown’s White Towel Service

  • Interior walls of potty hand scrubbed and towel dried
  • Exterior walls of potty hand scrubbed and towel dried
  • Holding tank completely emptied, pumped & serviced
  • Holding tank recharged with deodorizer
  • Toilet seat and top of holding tank scrubbed, sanitized and towel dried
  • Urinal scrubbed and sanitized, each time
  • Floor scrubbed and sanitized, each time
  • Toilet paper checked and restocked as necessary
  • Special fragrance sprayed for prolonged freshness
  • Unit checked for minor repairs
White Towel Checklist Flyer
Clean Restrooms
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